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How To Create One-Of-A-Kind Artwork Using Fabric And Canvases

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If you want to have unique artwork in your home, consider creating it on your own. You can make the artwork look any way you want it to look and have something in your home that you know no one else will have. The guide that follows walks you through the process of creating unique artwork on canvases with fabric.

Choose the Canvases You Want to Use

The first thing you need to do is choose the canvas that you want to use for the project. Choose where you want to hang the artwork when it is complete. Measure the space to ensure that you choose a canvas that is the right size for the space.

Choose the Fabric You Want to Use

Next, you need to choose a fabric to use to create the look you want in the room. Fabric is usually sold by the yard, so be sure you buy enough to cover the canvas. Choose a fabric that will pair well with other color schemes you have in the room where you want to hang the artwork so that it will blend in well with the decor you already have in the space.

Measure and Cut the Fabric

Lay the fabric flat on the ground with the printed side of the fabric facing the floor. Lay the canvas on the fabric and measure three inches from the sides of the canvas. Make a mark at three inches and trim the fabric at the marks that you made.

Attach the Fabric

Lift the piece of canvas and apply spray adhesive to the front side of the canvas. Lay the piece of fabric directly onto the canvas and pull it taut. Use a credit card to smooth out the fabric so that there are no creases or bubbles between the canvas and the fabric. At this point, you can add rhinestones or ribbon to the edges of the canvas with a glue gun, if you want to give the piece of artwork even more character. Be sure the colors of ribbon or rhinestones match the colors in the fabric so you can have a uniform look.

Once the adhesive has dried, you can hang the canvases right on your wall or add embellishments to them, such as a beautiful frame, beading, or ribbon. You are the one who has to be happy with the finished product, so be sure that you make the artwork look the way you think it looks best. For more information about paint supplies, click here.