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Decorative Ribbon Crafts

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Decorative ribbon at a place like Wholesale Flowers Ribbons & Buttons comes in a variety of textures, such as grosgrain, satiny polyester, transparent organdy and plush velvet. It is also available in a wide range of colors and prints, making it convenient for craft projects. 

Ribbons can transform ordinary objects or uninspired crafts into charming, eye-catching pieces. Whether you're making elegant decor for your home or whimsical holiday items for kids, there's a ribbon for every occasion and project. Decorative ribbons are typically inexpensive, but can make a big impact.

Here are some craft project ideas using ribbons:

Kids' Crafts

1. On a rainy day, keep your kids busy using ribbons and a few other crafty items. As one idea, make flower pictures using vibrantly hued ribbons. Start by gluing green ribbon onto a piece of construction paper. Then, glue a button on the top as the center of the flower. 

Cut five same-length pieces of ribbon and glue them into loops around the button as the flower's petals. To  take the project further, kids can glue small pieces of green ribbon to the bottom as grass, and then make a sun using yellow ribbon.

2. Another easy ribbon-inspired craft is a lion puppet. Cut a circle out of yellow construction paper and glue it to the top of a wooden craft stick. Use a black marker to draw the lion's face onto the circle, and glue on two googly eyes. 

Cut about 10 pieces of orange ribbon at the same length, and glue them all around the lion's face as a mane. 

Holiday Crafts

1. Create simple yet festive Christmas ornaments by gathering several approximately 10-inch sticks. and then tying pieces of green ribbon around them to resemble pine trees. Start with the longest pieces of ribbon on the bottom, and work your way up to the top using shorter and shorter pieces.

Tie the ribbons in the middle so that an equal amount of fabric protrudes off each side of the stick. Finish by tying gold or silver threads into loops around the tops of the twigs for hanging.

2. For Valentine's Day, make sweet notes for friends and loved ones by gluing red and pink heart-patterned or lace ribbons around the edges of a square pieces of card stock.

As another easy idea, tape mini candy bars to the tops of wooden dowels, and then tie ribbons into bows under each piece of candy. Make several candy "flowers," and place them into a vase as an edible bouquet.