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Clever And Crafty Ideas For Your Cabin's Décor

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If you crave warm, welcoming interiors, give your home clever cabin accents that are easy to create. Visit craft supply sites and stores to find the basics, though many of the elements needed may be in your pantry, craft closet, or outside your door—in nature.

Some clever cabin decorating ideas include:

Inventive illumination

Want to bring a warm, soothing light to a room or space? Find a large tree branch, any size from 36"-to- 6' will do just fine. Use a string of clear Christmas tree lights, preferably with dark wires and cord, and start wrapping the branch from the top. Prop the lit branch against a wall, hang it over the couch, or stand it up in a corner for a unique and rustic focal point.

Recycled pallet furnishings

Start collecting and gathering wood pallets to make your own rustic furnishings for little to no money. There are numerous tutorials online detailing how to make seating arrangements, tables, and even porch swings from these recyclable materials. Before you can begin to build, you will need a lot of pallets—so go ahead and get started.

Birch-bark beauties

You can make a lot of cute and rustic accent pieces using birch bark or crafting paper that is intended to resemble birch bark. This can be wrapped around candles, napkins, frames, and planters using a craft adhesive, and accented with twine or small twigs. This is also a great gift idea for the holidays, too.

A simple centerpiece

The easiest and most captivating centerpieces can be made from items that you can find on the ground, in the woods, or behind your house. Fill a large basket with pine cones, acorns, and cedar or evergreen sprigs; place in the center of your table for a rustic, ever-changing accent. Put a placemat or doily under your basket to prevent possible scratches or damage to your table.

Fragrant finishing touches

Pick up packages of fresh herbs when you are at the market or grocery store; choose the ones that smell best to you and that would dry easily. Tuck sprigs of these herbs in bouquets or centerpieces to bring a spicy, welcoming scent to your home. Choose herbs such as sage, basil, and rosemary for a warm fragrance that will last as the herb sprigs dry-out.

Use these ideas to bring a warm, rustic feel to your cabin or home. Enjoy finding bits and pieces of nature—either outside or from crafting venues—to use in your projects.