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4 Personalized Note Pad Design Options For Screenwriters

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If you know a screenwriter, you may notice if they are constantly jotting down thoughts, notes, and ideas on various notepads and digital devices. One gift you can give them for any occasion is a personalized note pad. Monogrammed note pads feature custom printed options and provide a nice personal touch for the screenwriter in your life. Here are some of the design options available when choosing personalized note pads and ways to create a unique look.

1. Notepad Fonts

When choosing the custom text for a notepad, consider the font. For something that represents classic Hollywood, you may consider a script font with curled letters and elegant designs. When screenwriters type screenplays, the font of choice is generally a typewriter-based Courier font. As such, consider choosing notepads with a Courier font to represent the screenplay process and have the notepad fit in with all their other writing elements.

2. Writer Names

In some cases, a person may use a different name or format for their screenwriting name. For example, someone may use a middle initial for their credited name or rely on two initials and their last name. You can take the screenwriter's author name and use the format for the personalized notepads. The extra little touch will help make the notepads more personal and apply directly to their screenwriting ambitions.

3. Movie Genre Themes

When you order a personalized notepad, you have the option to select notepads with illustrations and designs on them. If the screenwriter you know writes in a specific genre, then you can find notepads based on those themes. For example, with a romance writer, you can find notepads with flowers or hearts on them.

For a science-fiction writer, you may find notepads with images of space like stars, the moon, and other planets. When you find a specific design, the artwork and theme can offer inspiration for a writer as they plan out story ideas. With each new screenplay, you can find a new notepad genre to purchase for the writer.

4. Sticky Pad Options

The notepad you choose to order may include a sticky page option to pull off sheets and stick them on various areas. A sticky pad provides a writer with a lot of options while developing and writing a screenplay. For example, a writer could stick notes around a computer monitor to use while they type. Likewise, the sticky notes could be used to organize story acts and plan out plot points within a story. Choosing a sticky pad comes with a lot of benefits and versatility for a writer.

As you shop, you can mix all of the options into a single custom notepad. Contact a company that provides personalized note pads for more information.