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3 Tips For Painting Custom Holiday Ornaments

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The holiday season offers a wide range of craft options to make and create. Not only can you make custom crafts for your home, but you have the opportunity to create special gifts for family and friends. When you paint custom holiday ornaments, you want to select the best paint options for the ornaments to shine and stand out.

As you create custom ornaments with a wide variety of materials, check out some of the following tips to have a much better experience.

1. Use Acrylic Paint

A paint store will have a wide range of paint options to choose from. No matter if you paint glass, wood, plastic, or clay ornaments, you will want to stick with acrylic paint as your main option. Holiday ornaments often have tiny details and the thickness of acrylic paint makes it easier to apply the paint to the small details.

Spray paint is hard to paint onto small areas and watercolors can easily run and drip down into other locations of the ornament. Acrylic paint offers a wide range of options. You could select from bold colors or some of the more subtle shades of various colors.

2. Use Painter's Tape To Block Off Specific Sections

With the small surface area of an ornament, you want to ensure you don't accidentally paint over certain sections of an ornament. One way to help with this is with the use of painter's tape. You can apply painter's tape to areas you want to cover up. Then once the layer dries, you can pull off the tape and have clean lines on the area.

Easily peel off tiny pieces of the tape to apply it to specific sections. Use tweezers to pull the tape off without damaging the ornament in any way.

3. Mix In Extras With The Paint Before You Apply The Paint

You might want to add some extras to your ornament design. For example, you may decide to add some glitter to the ornament for some extra sparkle and shine.  You could shop for acrylic paint with glitter already in the mix. Otherwise, you should mix the glitter in with some of the paint before you apply the paint.

The mixture of glitter beforehand will help the glitter stay on the ornament and dry with the paint. When you hang the ornament, you will not need to worry about glitter scraping off or flaking off each time the ornament moves.

Shop at a hardware store in your area to find the paint supplies you need and enjoy the ornament painting experience.